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"L’Arte in Cucina"(art in the kitchen)a new book with recipes of...painters and sculptors

"L'Arte in Cucina"(art in the kitchen)a new book with recipes of...painters and sculptors

Massa, 28 April 2018-After the success of the first book, he returned "art in the kitchen. The artists meet the chefs ", work included in the series catalogues of Art of the editorial Giorgio Mondadori. In about 200 pages more than 50 thick Italian artists carry their creativity from the canvas to the table.
The book, which is born from an idea of Domenico Monteforte known artist Versilia with a passion for cooking, will be presented today at 16.30 at the winery Lunae, winery of the family Bosoni, in via Palvotrisia 2, in Castelnuovo Magra, in the province of La Spezia. will be present among others Carlo Motta, editorial director of the publications of Cairo Communication, the well-known art critic Andrea Barretta, the journalist and sommelier Alberto bags, curator of the book, the artist Domenico Malik, creator Of the opera, painters, sculptors and photographers from various parts of Italy, personalities from the world of culture and entrepreneurs.
In the book also the interview with Massimo Galleni reference point of many artists.

A glimpse of the past to build the future

Fondazione Centro Arti Visive Pietrasanta"A glimpse of the past to build the future" closing ceremony

It ended Wednesday, May 16, with the delivery of the certificates and the presentation of the work of the students, the formative course conceived by the Foundation Visual Arts Center of Pietrasanta for students of the School of marble of the ISI "Marconi" of Seravela.
The course, conducted by the craftsmen Massimo Galleni and Nicola Stagetti (members of the Artigianart Association of Pietrasanta) and Prof. Giovanna Bacci, professor of art history and design of the institute, led the students in the concrete realization of A marble project, along the path that goes from the initial marble block to the finished work.
For the artisans it was a great satisfaction to see the young people take in hand this ancient trade, which has made known the laboratories of Pietrasanta in the world, to teach them to use their traditional instruments and to feel their interest and their Growing passion for work in realisation. The students applied with constancy, enthusiasm and determination.
Prof. Giovanna Bacci, who followed the boys on this journey from January to May, is enthusiastic to have accompanied her students in this new adventure. It is important that the school knows how to teach young people a profession that is handed down over time and brings them closer to activities that encourage them to bring out their best.
Liliana Ciaccio, President of the Foundation Visual Arts Center, is pleased that the course has achieved the desired result: What was hoped was just a formative proposal that was original, able to stimulate students, putting them in close contact With the traditional know-how, to transmit the techniques of the artistic work of the territory. A reality like CAV must also play this role as a fitting instrument and artistic training by intercepting requests and devising appropriate routes.
The teacher  Roberta Landi, representing the Institute, has to clarify that the purpose of the school was not only to broaden the training offer, but also to find more and more direct contact and participated with the realities of the territory both local bodies, That companies, that artisans, who are one of the excellences that characterizes the historical Versilia.
At the ceremony of presentation of the works was present the mayor of the municipality of Seravezza, Riccardo Tarabella, who enthusiastically supported the project from the beginning and wanted to be present also during the presentation of the work and the delivery of Certificates of participation to the students.

Salone del Mobile in Milan

The Salone del Mobile in  Milan is one of the most important fairs of the home-furnishing sector.
Since its inception, in the distant 1961, it has attracted visitors and workers from all over the world, becoming a reference point for the excellence of design.
During the week of the Salone del Mobile, Milan is dressed in originality and design in every corner.
In Massimo Galleni's workshop some of the marble works on display have been brought to life.

Michelangelo Buonarroti is back

Michelangelo Buonarroti visits Massimo Galleni's workshop in Pietrasanta

Getting back between sculptures and plaster models is always a pleasure, I can't deny it. An opportunity to look closely at what has remained unchanged in the way of sculpting over the centuries and what has changed..............

Antonietta Bandelloni

Sculpture course at the Seravezza marble school

Marble School in Seravezza: the sculpture course starts, an initiative by the Centro Arti Visive Foundation of Pietrasanta, created in collaboration with Artigianart and welcomed by Marconi as a training course for students of the new specialized address on marble. The presentation was attended by the president of the Cav Liliana Ciaccio Foundation, the councilor for the promotion and enhancement of the territory of Seravezza Giacomo Genovesi, some teachers of the institute and the two artisans who will meet with the students on Friday: Massimo Galleni and Nicola Stagetti , owners of two important studies for the artistic working of marble in Pietrasanta.      VIDEO

Giuliana Cunéaz Attrazione Magnetica Art studi Massimo Galleni

Paolo Borghi, Giuliana Cunéaz, Novello Finotti, Maimouna Guerresi, Giacomo Manzù, Giuseppe Maraniello, Francesco Messina, Igor Mitoraj, Mimmo Paladino, Augusto Perez, Arnaldo Pomodoro, Luigi Stoisa, Giuliano Vangi: after the success of the 2015 exhibition Representing the world , La Venaria Reale in collaboration with the Studio Copernico proposes a new path dedicated to twelve of the most renowned masters of Italian and non-twentieth century sculpture with modern sculptures at Venaria Reale, with confirmations and prestigious additions of works (17 in total) to the path of last year.

The exhibition is curated by Luca Beatrice, in collaboration with the Directorate General for Contemporary Art and Architecture and Urban Peripheries and with the Studio Copernico of Milan.

Reserch & Innovation

Research & innovation: the contribution of the companies associated with Cosmave for the next 2020 structural funds of the Tuscany Region

Between Artistic Crafts and Design, the role of new technologies

Massimo Galleni, a craftsman sculptor, during the 3 November meeting in IMM, talked about the relationship between the artist and the robot
Massimo Galleni sculptor company

Jørgen Haugen Sørensen LA FOLLA

Inauguration of the sculpture The Crowd by Jørgen Haugen Sørensen.

Saturday 30 September 2017 at 12.30 - Piazza Crispi.
The work is part of the precious collection of the International Park of Contemporary Sculpture in Pietrasanta which is a real open-air museum, located throughout the territory.

Joining with Fonderia Mariani and the Art Studio Massimo Galleni

Rai 2 in Pietrasanta

The RAI 2 program "Noon in Family in Pietrasanta" On occasion, the Artigianart Association presented the artistic craftsmanship of Pietrasanta. For the marble sculpture Galleni Massimo's art studio has exhibited small marble works presented by the collaborator Stefano Lazzerini we see in the picture.